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I gave birth in the car park: One mother's first hand experience of the midwife shortage threatening UK hospitals


Another article detailing just how important it is that more midwives are recruited in the UK!

Please please please sign the RCM Petition to recruit more midwives.

It only has five more days to gain 100,000 signatures, and is currently stuck on just short of 69,000.

Signal boost!

Every day I go on shift at the hospital I see midwives struggling to provide care that is acceptable, never mind exceptional.

It’s not because they don’t try, or because they can’t be bothered.

It’s because they have 10 women to look after when they should have 5.
It’s because a midwife called in sick, and the hospital don’t have enough staff to replace her for the day.
It’s because newly qualified midwives who can provide the extra workforce are being turned away due to lack of jobs/funding.
It’s because the government aren’t doing all they can.

We’re not asking for more midwives than we need. We just want to end the shortage.

You know you’re a healthcare professional when…

You’re watching an actor perform CPR on a television drama, and rather than worry about the character in cardiac arrest, you’re commenting on how incredibly wrong the CPR is. The heart isn’t located under the belly button, Mr Actor.

A third of babies who are part of twins or triplets are treated in separate neonatal units, says study

I’m sad to say that I’ve seen this repeatedly in hospitals around my area. The NICU in my hospital is incredibly specialist, and takes transfers from other hospitals due to its outstanding high-risk neonatal team. Often this means the more sick twin gets sent to us, whilst the other remains in the first hospital. Sometimes we have to transfer a twin or triplet out to a less high risk unit to free up a cot for a baby who needs it just a little bit more. More funding is required for more cots and staff, but I don’t believe we’ll be getting it any time soon.